'Lotus' Sheet Set

'Lotus' Sheet Set

$140.00 / unit(s)

Contemporary 'Lotus' Sheet Set

Winter white Ottoman embroidered in baby pink with matching pink satin piping.

Delicate Lotus embroidery on both pillow and sheet give a uniform look

Available in Bassinet/Pram or Cot size

Bassinet Sheet size is 80cm x 125cm

Bassinet Pillow case size is 28cm x 36cm

Cot Sheet size is 150cm x 125cm

Cot Pillow size is 40cm x 60cm

Many different fabrics, stitch colours and trims are available.

Simply order the items as shown or enquire below for a customised product.


  • There may be some price variations according to the number of design changes made
  • Pillow insert is not included


Product Note Status Price
Feather Pillow Insert Feather Pillow Insert
$35.00 / unit(s) *
Standard Pillow Insert Standard Pillow Insert
$20.00 / unit(s) *
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